We are a private company and we are in business from 1997. We see a significant advantage in the framework of our programme, compared to larger business systems, since we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to various requirements of our customers.

Our market orientation focuses mainly on larger consumers:

– hotels
– restaurants
– schools, kindergartens
– spas, ski-resorts,
– retirement homes,
– factory canteens,
– commercial systems,
– various events,…

The products are delivered to the customer within the agreed time and in accordance with the HACCP system. In compliance with the requirements of HACCP, our vehicles are properly equipped with air conditioning systems.

In the framework of our business we offer a wide variety of products: preserved vegetables, vinegars, oils, vacuum packing, delicatessens, fresh fruit and vegetables. We are the only company in Slovenia that grows and distributes beetroot for larger consumers in PVC buckets (12 and 22kg). Our other products are also available in PVC buckets. We are present on the Slovenian market and we also export. In addition, we also perform the distribution and purchase of fresh, home-grown vegetables provided by Slovenian vegetable growers. Our references are high, since we have more than 50% of the market share in private companies in the framework of our business in the Republic of Slovenia. The growth and development of our company has been confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce with an Excellent SME certificate.